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If you drive a luxury car you know that it deserves the best automotive service and repair service that money can buy.

Premier Automotive is the only shop in the Greater Cleveland area with the diagnostic capabilities, technical knowledge and custom upgrades to give you the auto maintenance you expect for your luxury car – Foreign, Domestic or Antique.

Master Mechanic Bill Jordan has a passion for beautiful cars. When that passion is combined with his industry-leading knowledge and professionalism you will receive a distinguished automotive service experience.

Some of our scheduled services for imported cars include engine performance diagnosis and repair, electrical diagnosis, computer diagnostics, control module programming, suspension and steering repair, brake system service and repair, clutches and transmissions.

Premier Automotive is customer-driven and knows that customers want the highest standard of customer service at honest and affordable prices. Some samples of the cars that we work on are:

Acura: Acura is the American luxury vehicle of Japanese automaker Honda. “The road will never be the same.”

Audi: Audi is a German automobile manufacturer in the Volkswagen Group that designs luxury vehicles. “Audi is truth in engineering.”

BMW: BMW originally stood for Bavarian Motor Works. It is a German multinational company. “BMW is the ultimate driving machine.”

Mercedes-Benz: Many consider the Mercedes Benz to be the ultimate luxury vehicle. “Engineered To Move The Human Spirit.”

Porsche: The Porsche is a sports car that is built for every day driving. Porsche owners feel they are in a special group. “There is no substitute.”

Volkswagen: Volkswagen is a German Auto maker whose name we have shortened to VW. VWs are the flagship marque of the Volkswagen Group. “Drivers wanted.”

Volvo: Volvo Cars are Swedish luxury vehicles. The company manufactures and markets sport utility vehicles, station wagons, sedans and compact executive sedans. “For Life.”