Meet Bill Jordan who, through his love of cars, was able to escape a pre-determined path to law school. Not sure who’s luckier – Bill or University of Syracuse law professors.

During that time, and for the next 50 years, the multi-talented Bill Jordan played in a rock band, which he quit about ten years ago. While in the band Bill mastered the guitar, flute, banjo and sax.

Today, his mastery is of a completely different ilk. Today, Bill Jordan is a master tech for BMW, Volkswagen and Volvo. At his shop there are a total of 3 BMW master techs.

Bill has PhD-level certification in Automotive Repair. He has also received special training in BMW Automotive Repair. Bill is well-accustomed to German engineering. He will tell you, “German cars are all pretty much the same, no matter what you are working on, be it a Mercedes, an Audi or whatever.” According to Bill, German cars are the hardest cars to repair. “If you can repair German cars, you can repair any car in the world.”

Bill’s career began, not with German cars, but when he purchased a Maserati and was determined to get it in working order. The only problem was that the manual that came with the car was in Italian. But, that didn’t stop Bill Jordan. He went out and purchased an Italian/English dictionary and translated the entire Maserati manual. At the end of three weeks, Bill was able to complete the work needed on the Maserati, and have the automobile in perfect working order. That, in a nutshell, is what Bill Jordan is all about!