It doesn’t matter to the team at Premier Automotive whether you want to restore a classic car or a newer custom car. With our commitment to customer service we can convert your dream into reality.

We are the leaders in restoring any vehicle whether it is antique, classic, muscle car, street rod, or truck, our team can bring your vehicle back to the way it was before – and even better than it ever was.

Our goal at Premier Automotive is to fully understand what your goals are for your vehicle. Then, we discuss it with you and whether your goal is one of the following:

  1. Makeover. This is the lowest cost of any options. This addresses specific mechanical and cosmetic shortcomings.
  2. Driver Restoration. Driver restoration means that we will be returning your car to a very similar state that it was in when it was first produced using modern materials. It may lack some of the finer points found in our Points Restoration.
  3. Points Restoration. Points Restoration or Concourse Restoration is the most costly of any restoration. It means using correct materials, part and casting numbers, and includes details like extensive research, bolt heads, wiring and harness tags.
  4. Resto-Rod. Resto-rod upgrades many of the vehicles systems lie adding modern drive-train, brakes, instruments, interior, wheels/tires, electrical system and more.
  5. Assisted Restoration. Assisted restoration is when we step in and assist you in the restoration which you have begun on your own.
  6. Other. Any combination of the above approaches or anything else you desire.